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"Ham Radio is a hobby, I'm just going to have fun!"

...and fun she had!

Mary was involved in any number of QRP clubs, contests and activities. She became the editor of the NCCC (Northern California Contest Club) newsletter, the "JUG". Our great friend, Monte Stark - KU7Y, and Mary always seemed to be schemeing about one thing or another, and somehow, she became the editor of the QRP Quarterly, the publication of the QRP ARCI organization.

In 2000, we made our first visit to FDIM and the Dayton Hamvention! Her eyes were as big as saucers when she arrived at the flea market. Always in the mood for a deal, we packed the truck with her treasures, which included March Paddles and a dual-key (paddle and straight key) Kent, one of only a few in the States.

Always influential, and 'batting her eyes' didn't hurt either, she managed to talk the President of Vibroplex out of one of the new, not on the market, paddles they were showing! I did get something, but don't remember what it was!

"For someone who didn't solder, I have sure built alot of K2s!"

Mary took to assembly quickly and did a great job. She built her K2 and mine as well! I got to wind the toriods... She also built two more for other hams, what a surprise! The last construction project was building two 100 watt amps for the K2! Did I mention I got to wind the toroids?
What a lady... "One More...